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cant be alone
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Tuesday, January 10th, 2006
6:53 pm
So I wrote a suiced letter last night
So I wrote a suicide letter to my parents last night and I was actually planning on enforcing my thoughts that I had of killing my self. The letter read this:

Dear Mom and Dad

I know when you rad this you will be quite dissapointed because i will be dead. You will cry. Mom and dad you will wish that you would have talked to me more and not ignored me. i had a problem that you chose not to acknowlege. i tried so many times to get you to help me and you chose to be dissapointed in me. I am sorry...very sorry. I am sorry it ended this way.

I didn't give it to them at all. I did try to kill myself either. I sat in the window sill of my room for a really long time thinking about "accidentally" falling out. In the end I ended of calling my friend Heather and she talked to me and I cried and snotted all over her and then i went to bed because she made me feel like I was so loved. I really felt like my parents hated me because i told them I was a cutter and I wanted to die. Heather came to my room and talked to me though. I love heather for that and everyone eles who has been giving me support in this situation.
6:52 pm
I don't care about life anymore
I officially want to die. I hate my life and I don't deserve to be on this earth. I am a useless piece of crap and I wish I could just cut myself so deep with a razor that it kills me.
Sunday, December 18th, 2005
1:45 am
bad depression
Hi, I am a freshman in college. I have depression and I am a cutter. When I am alone and depressed, I do som of the worse things ever. I cut myself with razor, safety pins, scissors, knifes, you name it and I have probally used. If i am really depressed, I have to call a friend to help m out of it or I get really suicidal. I was wondering were there others like me? I just wnat to know that I am alone in this and how do you deal with it.

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